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How to Play Curling

How to Play:

  • At the start of an end, and the game, the two Skips go down to the far house and begin to direct play for their teams (they are team captain).
  • Each team alternates throwing with the other team one stone at a time. Each player throws two stones.
  • When the Lead is delivering the Second and Vice are sweeping as the Skip watches the “line” (curl) of the stone.


  • The sweepers judge the “weight” (how far the stone will travel) while the Skip will yell to them if the stone is curling too much.
  • When the Second throws the Lead and Vice sweep and when the Vice throws and Lead and Second sweep.
  • Finally, when the Skip throws the Vice watches the line from the Skip’s position and the Lead and Second sweep. It is not nearly as confusing as it sounds!
  • At the conclusion of an end the two Vices must agree on the score and it is marked on the scoreboard. (Measuring devices are used if the naked eye cannot determine which stone is closer.)
  • At the conclusion of a game the teams shake hands and say “Good Curling”.

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